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Floor Preparation Portfolio

Floor Preparation Portfolio

Floor Preparation

Like all foundations, the importance of being prepared correctly is vital to its lifespan and performance. Monterra take enormous pride and satisfaction in ensuring that the preparation of every single floor that we create or repair is done precisely, safely and methodically, with the most recent technology in diamond cutting machinery. This in turn results in a finished product that is aesthetically rewarding and technically outstanding.

Tile Lifting

The tedious and complicated process of lifting tiles that have often been glued down for many years can be a challenge. Monterra’s timeless experience and coordination of the correct tools and machinery ensure the extremely important component of tile lifting is completed, exceeding the highest of expectations.
The meticulously clean and bare flooring surface will be the perfect base for it’s final finishing stage, be it carpet, tiles, marble or any other surface.

Concrete Grinding

Prior to the final preparation and surfacing of a Concrete flooring base is the vital grinding process, ensuring a smooth and most aesthetically pleasing end of stage product. The raw, ground concrete base will be ready for the final flooring finish, be it carpet, tiles, marble or any other flooring surface.

Glue Removal

Often, once tiles, vinyl, carpet or epoxy coatings have been lifted, the residual glue remains strongly adhered to the original flooring surface. Monterra will remove this strong glue, leaving a clean foundation in preparation for the next stage of the flooring process.

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