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about us

about us

Monterra, offer the devoted patience and immaculate technique demanded in the skillful development and application of the finest Terrazzo finishes and repairs in Australia

First established in 1978 as Monterra Tiling Contractors, now known as Monterra Constructions & Monterrazzo.

Monterra is one of Adelaide’s most experienced authentic Terrazzo, Marble & Concrete flooring creators and repairers. First Established in 1978, we have an exceptionally long history, providing the highest quality of service and expertise in our work.

Whether it is a residential, retail or a larger commercial requirement, Monterra are a long standing business with an outstanding ability, offering a unique and reliable service within the flooring industry.

Our Vision & Mission

The passion for Terrazzo, Stone, Marble & Concrete has been with Gabs since his early childhood. The drive to create surfaces that are strong, beautiful and connected to the earth through the materials that we work with is part of who he is. Monterra is built on the solid foundation of experience, exceptional craftsmanship and attention to the details that makes every project one that we are proud of. For over 40 years we have been supplying our Terrazzo Service, always ensuring that every customer is happy through providing the highest quality service and work within the flooring industry. We continue to excel and expand our ability in creating, repairing, repurposing, where we work and who we work with to carry and grow the art that we live for.

beauty & elegance

The Masters of Adelaide Terrazzo since 1978

generation experience


A Rich Tradition & History that began in Italy

A life long passion entwined with a long family history of working with stone. Knowledge gained from working side by side with his mentor Italian uncle Adolfo Luciani who was an expert in his craft.

 The resurgence and demand for fashionable stone work is the driving force behind Monterra Terrazzo.

Born in Adelaide to Italian immigrants, growing up with stone workers. Working during the school holidays.
Monterra Terrazzo was born and have worked all over Adelaide on residential & commercial projects.
We continue to work throughout Adelaide & often do art installations, mosaics & more.
Working with an uncle as a mentor, learning the traditions & craft of tiling & marble work.
Terrazzo sees a resurgence in popularity! Sourcing old methods & techniques. New & Restoration.

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